The Chanting Chair

The Chanting Chair was designed for comfort and back support when chanting those long hours. Made of eleven layer, 16 mm Baltic Birch Plywood for strength, it is easily assembled using only a Philips Screw Driver. The included cushions come in either off white or chocolate brown.

It will support upwards of 250 pounds. It is also low enough to allow for people sitting behind you to still see the Altar;  for example in a meeting setting where sitting in a regular chair might block the view for others.

In order to keep the price down, the chair is unfinished and may require a light sanding if you plan to apply any kind of finish to it.

Please watch the short video for help in assembling your chair.

$49.95 + Shipping

Buddhist Altars

For a Video featuring Altars I have made for my Buddhist friends, click on the following link.

Altar video

Bamboo Tower

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