Attention to detail is very important to me and to my clients. One of the main reasons I’ve used Joel over and over again is because it’s important to him as well.

A number of years ago, when I had a general contracting firm, I got a project with a very tight schedule. The job included a lot of custom cabinetry, too much to be done by a single custom shop within the allotted time frame. The only way I could satisfy the client’s timetable was to retain two cabinet makers and get them to cooperate to produce similar details so it looked like it all came from a single shop.

Once the project had reached a point where the spaces could be measured and cabinet construction could commence, I got Joel and another fellow in there. While they were doing their fabrication, I didn’t hear much from the other cabinet guy but I got enough nit-picky coordination questions from Joel that it was starting to become annoying. In fairness, the cabinets I asked Joel to build were more complicated and did have some noteworthy coordination issues.

When it came time for the cabinets to be installed, the ones built by the other gentleman were an ongoing series of problems. Things didn’t fit right and had to be modified or redone entirely. He made assumptions when he should have asked questions. Joel’s cabinets, on the other hand, were installed without a hitch despite being more intricate.

I know a number of guys who can build pretty cabinets. But if I need them to be perfect than Joel is the fellow I call. If you want cabinets designed and built with that same attention to detail, Joel’s your guy. Just be prepared for his incessant questions (and I mean that in the nicest way).

Dave Morton
David P. Morton Architect

I am delighted to reap the benefits of Joel's designs. I have a fantastic kitchen, a great wall unit, end tables and other assorted cabinetry....soon I will have a custom made desk. The man is a magician. 

Beth Flanzbaum

Framingham, MA

Joel made a Butsudan (Buddhist altar) for me, which is still my most treasured piece of furniture. I often think of him and how fortunate I was to find such a fine craftsman. He was willing to collaborate with me, was able to intuit my vision and then make it 10 times better than I ever could have imagined. 


Lynne Lyon, Lawrenceville, N.J.

Simply the Best!!!!
You could never go wrong by working with Joel !!!!
Brian Trapp
Newport, Rhode Island



Hi Joel,

The butsudan looks terrific!  This is indeed very inspiring to look at, like art.  It does make chanting more pleasurable when seated in front of something so beautiful.   Although I must say I find myself looking at the butsudan and trying to figure out how you made it!  We can't wait until the next district meeting, I am sure everyone will be thrilled when they see it.

Thank you!


Jim Maddock

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